Introduction to Physics and Engineering – Workbook Only



The combination of physics and engineering has probably been applied to everything in your house! Physics is the science of mechanics, movement, and energy, while engineering applies scientific principles to make useful tools. This workbook engages your brain with physics fundamentals. Then let your creative side participate, learning how this knowledge is used by engineers. LEGO® building bricks are the perfect medium to demonstrate the axioms by assembling custom machines that actually work. Constructing and experimenting with these models helps to solidify the concepts developed in each chapter—and you get to play with LEGO® bricks while you’re learning. Physics and engineering have never been so much fun!

A detailed list of what LEGO® bricks you will need is included. If you’re missing any in your own collection, directions for finding them easily are provided. Since this is an Edible Knowledge® series workbook, it contains a fun and interesting food science experiment as well! Let the author’s love and enthusiasm for food science and LEGO® bricks excite your imagination. Beakers & Bricks knows you will enjoy this approach to learning about physics and engineering!

Note: You’ll need LEGO parts and a few other things for this workbook. The “few other things” are sold as the Essential Kit on this website, or you can procure them yourself, detailed instructions are in the workbook.  A complete list of LEGO parts and pieces is also in the workbook and on this website, along for instructions that show how to get the ones you may be missing. A limited number of Complete Kits is available for sale that includes the Essential Kit, book, and all the LEGO parts needed.

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