Introduction to Food Science: An Overview

In this first workbook in the Edible Knowledge® series subjects presented include careers in food science, required education, food processing, water, carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Get The Heck Out of Our Way

Government regulations are increasingly holding back economic development, inflating the prices of most consumer goods, and reducing our freedoms. Dale W. Cox, and his wife, LeAnne, know that firsthand as they have operated business of various types throughout the years. What they’ve found is rules and regulations that constantly change and get more complicated, which hurts their businesses, their family, and their customers. In this book, Cox gives a detailed account of how these regulations make it more expensive to do business, boost inflation, discourage innovation, curb economic growth, and reduce personal and business freedom.

Introduction to Food Science: Water

The second workbook in the Edible Knowledge​®​ series subjects presented include careers in food science, water properties, solutions and dispersions, water activity, boiling and steam, and ice.

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