Introduction to Food Science: An Overview

In this first workbook in the Edible Knowledge® series subjects presented include careers in food science, required education, food processing, water, carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Introduction to Physics and Engineering

The combination of physics and engineering has probably been applied to everything in your house! Physics is the science of mechanics, movement, and energy, while engineering applies scientific principles to make useful tools. This workbook engages your brain with physics fundamentals. Then let your creative side participate, learning how this knowledge is used by engineers. LEGO® building bricks are the perfect medium to demonstrate the axioms by assembling custom machines that actually work. Constructing and experimenting with these models helps to solidify the concepts developed in each chapter—and you get to play with LEGO® bricks while you’re learning. Physics and engineering have never been so much fun!

Get The Heck Out of Our Way

Government regulations are increasingly holding back economic development, inflating the prices of most consumer goods, and reducing our freedoms. Dale W. Cox, and his wife, LeAnne, know that firsthand as they have operated business of various types throughout the years. What they’ve found is rules and regulations that constantly change and get more complicated, which hurts their businesses, their family, and their customers. In this book, Cox gives a detailed account of how these regulations make it more expensive to do business, boost inflation, discourage innovation, curb economic growth, and reduce personal and business freedom.

Introduction to Food Science: Water

The second workbook in the Edible Knowledge​®​ series subjects presented include careers in food science, water properties, solutions and dispersions, water activity, boiling and steam, and ice.

Introduction to Food Science for Kids

Food Science is a discipline that’s not well known, but the evidence of it is all around us, from our kitchens to our grocery stores to our favorite restaurants. Written by Dale Cox (B.S., M.S. Food Science with 23 years’ experience in the industry), the Edible Knowledge® brand of workbooks are designed to be used in a “home lab” (the kitchen) by homeschoolers and anyone else with a desire to learn the science behind the food we eat. Each workbook contains food science theory along with exciting and challenging experiments.

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